Fabric Choices



46  Beautiful colonial floral
    Shades of teal and peach



47 Shades of blue floral (limited)



48  Blue and white swirls



 49  Peach white gold summer

2 Jacobean Floral  (limited)  

5 Rusty Floral (limited)

9 Pale Blue Paisley

10 Cran Burgundy

12 Blue Flower  (limited)

15 Blue Yellow Paisley

23  Gray Paisley (limited)

25  Shades of blue & green



28  Shades of blue (limited)

29   Oak Leaves


32 Shades of pink & lime floral

33  Bright floral (limited) 

34  Shades of teal (limited)

35  Shades of black (limited)


36  Dk teal lavender lime floral


37  Flowers/leaves mixed colors



38 Pale floral/yellow background

       similiar flowers to #39


39 Mixed color floral/gray blue     

        background (limited)

42  Victorian Floral (limited)

43  Colonial Floral (limited)

44  Purple   (limited)

45 Blue swirls    (limited)

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